About Us

image1Brian was born in Memphis, TN and raised near Seattle, WA. As a child he spent nearly every holiday and vacation at his Grandma Dorothy’s house in Brighton, TN watching her in the kitchen and enjoying her homestyle country cooking. Growing up both of his parents taught him the basics in cooking – including Brian’s fathers infamous hollandaise recipe! Legend has it that this is how Jim Little “wooed” Brian’s mother Carol..

Inevitably these events laid the foundation that would lead to Brian working in the restaurant industry for many years. By the time he was 14 he was washing dishes at a small Italian place on Mercer Island (where he grew up) and when he graduated high school in Ferndale he was already as a Line Cook at a local golf resort.

Brian paid his way through college in Arizona working nights cooking. He met Peggy, a New York native, in chemistry class (they were lab partners) and when he was finished with school he moved to Vail for just one season. As all “ski bum” stories go he stayed put and Peggy followed a couple years later after completing her nutrition degree. A lifelong skier, and rather than taking a 9-5 job, Brian kept working in restaurants at night so he could be up on the hill as much as possible!

After many years of working in hotels, restaurants, and private homes in the Vail Valley the Little’s were yearning to start their own business. When the diner space became available in the summer of 2007 they jumped at the opportunity! The Little Diner opened it’s doors on April 8th, 2008 after an extensive remodel. With the help of family and friends Brian & Peggy’s dream came to fruition!

True to Diner form the Little’s are pleased to offer an extensive menu with many options including traditional favorites and regional specialties from around the country. Customers are served in an exciting open kitchen environment using family recipes and fresh locally sourced ingredients. With people visiting from far and wide to vacation, play, and live in Vail the Diner offer’s a little something for everyone to have a taste of home or to try something new they’ve never enjoyed before!

Come in to experience what everyone is raving about! 🙂